Degrees for People Who Are Over Going to Class

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Avoid Class with These Online Degrees

These online degrees are perfect for those who prefer to learn alone.

Have you always hated school because of unpleasant commutes, bad-tasting cafeteria food and germ-filled classrooms? Do you have bad memories of oversleeping the day of an exam, or having to attend class when you were sick?
Well, online learning may be a solution for those who have no patience for attending class in person. In fact, online degrees can be ideal for people who prefer sitting behind the keyboard to sitting in class, hate burning fuel to drive to school, and dislike searching for parking spaces and purchasing parking permits, according to Dani Babb, an online education expert and founder of online education service provider
Babb also says that online learning provides diversity and an opportunity for students to work at their own pace.
Of course, online education is not for everyone, and some students may perform better with a more rigid schedule and face-to-face interaction. If you prefer to learn alone, and you do better when you're left to your own devices, you may wish to consider one of the following six online degrees.

Online Degree #1: Bachelor's in Finance

Find Degree Programs If you're more comfortable around money than people, you may want to consider parlaying your love for numbers into earning an online bachelor's degree in finance.
Typical courses include accounting and statistics for financial analysis, financial markets and institutions, and analysis of financial statements, according to the College Board, a non-profit that links students to opportunity and success in college.
Why It's Better if You're Over Class: "Many finance classes are software-based," says Curt Bonk, a professor of instructional systems technology at Indiana University, who is also the author of "The World is Open: How Web Technology is Revolutionizing Education," and e-Book "Adding Some TEC-VARIETY: 100+ Activities for Motivating and Retaining Learners Online."
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Bonk adds, "Since the information can be learned remotely, this degree is appealing to people who don't want to commute to a classroom."
Potential Career* Median Annual Salary**
Personal Financial Advisor $75,320
Financial Analyst $78,380

Online Degree #2: Bachelor's in Graphic Design

Find Degree Programs If you're a person with an eye for creativity, who is more likely to spend classroom time staring out the window looking for interesting visual ideas than listening to a droning professor, consider pursuing an online bachelor's degree in graphic design.
According to the College Board, courses in graphic design may include production design, Photoshop for designers, and the history of graphic design.
Why It's Better If You're Over Class: "The format of graphic design courses makes this degree a good online choice, according to Joe Chapman, director of student services at Arizona State University Online. "Students learn web development and interactive technologies, computer illustration and digital publishing, photography for online delivery and other technologies relevant to the cross-media nature of the graphic information industry."
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Additionally, the nature of a traditional graphic design classroom is that the teacher can only go about as fast as the slowest student, which could get boring in a hurry if you're a quick study. "Taking an online graphic design class may allow you to work at your own pace," says Babb.
Potential Career* Median Annual Salary**
Graphic Designer $44,830
Art Director $83,000

Online Degree #3: Bachelor's in Computer Science

Find Degree Programs If computers are your thing, you're already engaged with the most important online learning tool you could need. Instead of just using a computer as an aid to learning, you could make it the focus of your education by pursuing an online bachelor's degree in computer science.
The College Board lists artificial intelligence, data structures and algorithms, and software engineering as possible classes you may take along the way.
Why It's Better If You're Over Class: "An online bachelor’s degree in computer science provides students with the expertise to design, select, implement and administer computer-based information solutions,” says Chapman.
Chapman also points out that there is an emphasis in online programs on creating web applications and websites, adding, "These activities can be performed at home just as well as they can in a classroom setting."
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And while you may think that online computer science students are simply swapping long periods of time sitting in front of a teacher for long periods of time sitting in front of their computers, Babb points out, "With an online degree, you don't have to sit on a hard classroom chair for several hours. You can work from the comfort of your living room or some other cushy location."
Potential Career* Median Annual Salary**
Computer Programmer $76,140
Software Developer, Applications $92,660

Online Degree #4: Bachelor's in Engineering

Find Degree Programs A solid background in math and science, combined with a strong desire to design solutions to small and large problems may serve you well outside the classroom setting if you pursue an online bachelor's degree in engineering.
The College Board lists scientific visualization, geology and geophysics for engineers, and numerical methods for scientists and engineers as possible classes.
Why It's Better If You're Over Class: "This degree integrates the fundamentals with practical real-world experience in an online environment," says Chapman. "Students take a variety of fundamental courses along with specialty courses in analog and digital circuits, electromagnetic fields, microprocessors, communications networks, solid-state electronics and electric power and energy systems. Although there are labs, most of the time, students are learning remotely."
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And if you need to contact your engineering instructor, Babb says you don't have to wait days on end for the weekly preset office visitation times. "Most professors are required to check email at least 24 to 36 hours, and most of us check our email all day long." Babb says that online professors take questions via Twitter, Facebook, and text message also.
Potential Career* Median Annual Salary**
Industrial Engineer $80,300
Materials Engineer $87,330

Online Degree #5: Master's in Business Administration

Find Degree Programs If you like the idea of putting business management skills to work for you, but don't really see that happening on campus, consider pursuing an online master's in business administration (MBA).
Students tackle a variety of subjects, including finance, accounting, organizational behavior, economics, and management, according to the Princeton Review, which helps college-bound and graduate school-bound students achieve higher-education goals with test-preparation services, online resources, admissions resources, and tutoring.
Why It's Better If You're Over Class: "Many people who pursue an MBA online are already in the workforce and don't have a lot of time to commute to class," says Bonk. "An MBA involves business theory courses, which can be learned online, as opposed to degrees with labs or other types of course requirements that would necessitate being on campus."
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And while many MBA students "may be sitting in a classroom with students from their hometown with little diversity and the same faces every day, that won't happen online," says Babb. "You're likely to be working with students from all over the country and even all over the world, gaining real world experience."
Potential Career* Median Annual Salary**
Human Resources Managers $100,800
Computer and Information Systems Manager $123,950

Online Degree #6: Master's in Education Administration

Find Degree Programs If you'd rather be organizing the classes one day than sitting in them, an online master's degree in education administration might be the one for you to pursue.
 In this major, you may learn international perspectives on education, the basics of organizational change, and the fundamentals of management, according to the Princeton Review.
Why It's Better If You're Over Class: Education administration students are typically full-time teachers looking to advance their career, but they don't want to turn around and sit in a classroom all night after teaching classes all day, says Meredith Toth, assistant division director of online programs in the division of educational leadership and innovation at Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College at Arizona State University.
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"Taking classes online provides professionals the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills while also working full-time in their current position," says Toth.

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