How to Earn Your Degree From Bed

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Learn from Bed

Educational options are expanding beyond the traditional classroom, making it possible to earn a degree anywhere, anytime - even from the comfort of your own bed.

If you're clinging to your covers and slapping the snooze button a few extra times but your conscience is nagging at you to finally get going on earning that college degree, take heart.
Thanks to flexible online options, you could earn your degree without ever leaving your bed. Online degrees allow you to study just about anytime, just about anywhere, and they can even have advantages over traditional programs.
As Chris Calkins, outreach assistant professor and executive director of the World Campus Master's of Health Administration program at Penn State University says, studying online can "help students build skills in a more structured way that coincides with real-time examples and projects, and offer a diversity of perspectives for students to explore."
Of course, earning an online degree isn't a simple matter and it does require effort and dedication, but the format does offer options for those who run into obstacles with a traditional setting.
So, pull up your laptop, puff up your pillows, and snuggle in to take a look at the following seven degrees you can earn virtually from the comfort of your bed.

Degree #1: Bachelor's in Business Administration

Find Degree Programs Instead of lying in bed watching "The Apprentice," why not use that time prepping to pursue a real life career in the business world with an online bachelor's degree in business administration?
Online Benefits: A degree in business administration involves project-based learning, like examining real-life business case studies. This lends itself well to online instruction, according to Shari Smith, an online workshop and faculty development facilitator for the Sloan Consortium, a professional online learning society.
In an online setting, the student population is also likely to be more diverse, says Calkins, who explains that an online class is likely to contain new high school graduates as well as older students who bring years of work and real-life experiences to the table. This mix of student experiences changes the teaching dynamic, according to Calkins, and results in students who are better able to take on skills and content from very diverse sources.
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What You Might Study: According to the College Board, a non-profit organization committed to excellence and equity in education, business administration and management majors study how to orchestrate an organization's activities. They may take courses like business policy and strategy, business ethics and law, operations management, and human resources management.
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Degree #2: Bachelor's in Computer Science

Find Degree Programs Ever find yourself in bed late at night browsing social media, reading articles, or even playing games on your tablet? If so, you might want to think about parlaying your natural computing inclination into earning a bachelor's degree in computer science online.
Online Benefits: Online computer science programs often offer instructional tools that could help a variety of students learn at different paces. Smith notes that online students are better able to "chunk" computing concepts, where both instructors and students hone in on one idea like learning html code. "Some students might get it in one hour, and for others it might take a week," Smith explains, "but with online learning, they can create a workable timeframe better than they can in a face-to-face class."
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What You Might Study: If you choose this major, you may learn computer languages like C++ and Java, according to the College Board. Pursuing a computer science degree may also involve building your teamwork and problem-solving skills.
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Degree #3: Bachelor's in Graphic Design

Find Degree Programs If you're the type of person who enjoys translating concepts into visual images, by hand or digitally, you may enjoy pursuing an online bachelor's degree in graphic design, where you can learn to refine your designing skills from the comfort of your own home.
Online Benefits: Calkins says the distance created by online learning makes instructors more objective and they often judge assignments without meeting you personally, so it can be a good way to build confidence and skills if you are uncomfortable with a traditional classroom full of fellow students.
Many graphic design elements are used in project-based assignments like creating videos, according to Smith. "Video is a huge element in this discipline and there are plenty of online tools to allow you to use it in your online studies," she says, so students are practicing applicable skills as part of their studies.
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What You Might Study: Students pursuing a bachelor's degree in graphic arts could tackle typical coursework like graphic design techniques, Photoshop for designers, and typography, according to the College Board. You can also expect to try your hand at real-world projects such as creating corporate logos, websites, and publication design in studio classes for this major.
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Degree #4: Bachelor's in K-12 Education

Find Degree Programs If you're interested in shaping the minds of young people but not keen on fighting traffic to hear content that could be just as effectively delivered online, you could consider an online bachelor's degree in K-12 education.
Online Benefits: "When you consider that more textbook and instructional materials are moving online, you realize that you are already halfway toward an online learning environment," says Smith. These successfully adapted formal elements of education give more weight to an online degree in the field, she explains.
Smith points out that with the ease of technology, students don't have to miss out on collaborating with their classmates on projects or research. She also emphasizes that the online environment teaches these education students about tools they could use one day in their own classrooms.
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What You Might Study: According to the College Board, coursework typically covers topics like educational psychology, teaching methods, and education of the exceptional child.
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Degree #5: Bachelor's in Health Services Administration

Find Degree Programs If you're a leader and a problem solver with good organization skills, you might be interested in pursuing a health services administration degree from the comfort of your home.
Online Benefits: The diversity of an online classroom can really benefit those studying health care administration, particularly when they interact regularly with others on school-wide social networks and share ideas on student discussion boards. The online format allows students to gain access to all types of health care professionals, from those working in hospitals to those working in long-term care facilities. This can assist them in their studies, explains Calkins.
Studying for an online bachelor's degree in health administration may be particularly helpful in pursuing advancement at a health care facility in a rural location, as well. "It is so difficult for rural health care providers to recruit both clinical staff like nurses and administrative talent," says Calkins. "So, when they find it, they are motivated to build that person's skill sets and online programs help encourage them to continue their education without having to leave."
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What You Might Study: Those pursuing an online health services administration bachelor's degree may learn about the services provided by health care facilities as well as how to run these facilities. Typically, students take coursework like health care finance, human resources management, and the economics of health care, according to the College Board.
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Degree #6: Bachelor's in Accounting

Find Degree Programs Those who enjoy looking at life as a balance sheet might find that the benefits of pursing an online bachelor's degree in accounting from the convenience of their cozy bed outweigh any negatives.
Online Benefits: Online accounting programs have more potential to expose students to different applications from a wide-range of fields and industries, especially if the online classroom is comprised of students who are already employed, says Calkins.
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What You Might Study: Accounting majors learn how to gather, analyze and record information about a person's or an organization's financial performance, according to the College Board. Coursework could include cost accounting, auditing, and business law.
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Degree #7: Bachelor's in Criminal Justice

Find Degree Programs After snuggling in bed watching your favorite late night crime show, you could slide over to your laptop and experience the thrill of learning about the justice system by studying for an online degree in criminal justice.
Online Benefits: An online bachelor's degree in criminal justice lends itself especially well to the discipline's research projects, according to Smith. "You can use tools to discuss a project about comparing laws between states and then you are already online to start researching," she says.
Calkins says an online setting can provide a better student support group, which can be especially helpful for those studying criminal and social issues, which can be emotionally-challenging subjects.
"The demands of working with these populations can require a built-in support community," he says. "And the online structure can make it easier for them to be available to each other in times of stress and upset."
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What You Might Study: According to the College Board, a criminal justice degree is an interdisciplinary major and students typically study a little bit of everything, from law and psychology to public administration and juvenile justice.
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