Looking to ace your job interview? Wear this color

Not sure what to wear to a job interview? You might want to play it safe — and classy — and simply don black.
According to a recent job applicant survey conducted by recruiting software firm SmartRecruiters, a whopping 70 percent of hired candidates wore mostly black clothing to their interview, while a mere 33 percent of rejected candidates wore black.
The survey included 180 successful applicants and 1,800 rejected candidates.

Jerome Ternynck, CEO at SmartRecruiters, tells MoneyWatch that job seekers should carefully select an interview outfit that reflects the company culture where you're interviewing.

"You have to match [your outfit to] the company culture. If you show up in jeans at Citibank, it may not be well-received."

Once you make it to the job interview, it's important to make a good impression — and quickly.
In our story "Employers' Top 5 'Instant Deal Breakers' for Job Candidates," we report that 50 percent of employers say that within the first five minutes of an interview, they can decide whether or not a candidate is a good fit.

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