10 Pinterest pinners to follow for your career

Check out some of the Pinterest boards we follow here at CareerBuilder.

If you're like me, you can easily get sucked into the magical world of Pinterest, spending hours on end pinning recipes, outfit ideas, home decorating tips and cute pictures of animals. As avid Pinterest pinners like to say, I could easily make a career out of pinning, if only that were a job.

While "full-time pinner" may not be a job (yet), being on Pinterest can help you move your real career forward – or aid in finding a new one.
So many awesome career- and workplace-related pinners and boards exist, so we thought it would be helpful to pull together a list of some of the ones we love to follow here at CareerBuilder.
For general career advice:
CareerBuilder: OK, so we have to start by tooting our own Pinterest horn. Follow us for everything from career tips and insightful infographics to ideas for planning your next vacation from work.
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Career Contessa: While Career Contessa is geared toward women, their Pinterest page has boards that anyone looking to find work-life balance can relate to.
CAREEREALISM: Their career videos board provides helpful "how-to" videos related to your career.
For recent grads:
Lauren Berger: Berger, known as the "The Intern Queen," has boards covering everything from intern dress codes to recommended reading lists.
NACE: The National Association of Colleges and Employers' Pinterest page is a great resource for stats related to new college grads, including job outlooks and starting salaries.
USA Today College: Another great pinner with career- and lifestyle-focused news and ideas for those new to the workforce.
For workplace fashion ideas:
Levo League: This career site's Pinterest page offers a variety of helpful and inspirational boards, but we especially love their workplace fashion-focused ones, including My Power Outfit and Professional Attire: Style Guide.
Ties: This simply-named board by pinner Graeme McCree provides all sorts of tie inspiration, no matter what office environment you work in.
For career inspiration:
TED Talks: TED Talks are known for being inspirational, and their Pinterest page is no different. Find motivational quotes, educational videos and career resources.
The Muse // inspiration: This board from career site The Muse does as promised – provides career inspiration in the form of quotes and motivational articles. 

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