18 High-Paying Non-Desk Jobs

You don't have to sacrifice your paycheck along with your cubicle

Where the high-paying non-desk jobs are
While 90 percent of the 20 highest paying non-desk jobs are in health care and most require a doctoral or professional degree, many of the fast-growing non-desk jobs don't require a four-year degree and several provide a career path that leads to the middle class.

"The U.S. workforce has gradually shifted to office-based work due to the rise of the professional services economy and productivity gains associated with information technology," says Rosemary Haefner, chief human resources officer at CareerBuilder. "But some of the healthiest areas of job growth year-after-year are in middle-skill occupations that don't require workers to sit in front of computer monitors and phones for 40-hours a week."

Some of the best paying non-desk jobs, no four-year degree required
The analysis found that there are 170 non-desk jobs that pay $15 per hour or more on average, don't require a four-year degree for a typical entry-level position, and have grown 6 percent from 2010-2014.

Here are the top-paying non-desk occupations in various categories.

Median hourly earnings 2010-2014 job growth
Health care occupations
1. Dental hygienist $34.19 9%
2. Diagnostic medical sonographer $31.93 15%
3. Occupational therapy assistant $26.57 14%
Construction and extraction occupations
4. Elevator installer and repairer $37.81 6%
5. Boilermaker $27.74 6%
6. Rotary drill operator, oil and gas $24.79 47%
Installation and maintenance occupations
7. Electrical power-line installer and repairer $30.85 7%
8. Avionics technician* $26.92 6%
9. Signal and track switch repairer $26.75 11%
Architecture and engineering occupations
10. Mechanical engineering technician $25.19 10%
11. Industrial engineering technician $25.01 6%
12. Electro-mechanical technician $24.68 8%
Green energy occupations
13. Wind turbine service technician $23.79 21%
14. Solar photovoltaic installer $19.04 22%
Miscellaneous non-desk occupations
15. Locksmith $18.25 10%
16. Massage therapist $17.27 17%
17. Travel guide $16.26 7%
18. Fitness trainer and aerobics instructor $15.88 8%

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