Here Are The Top-Pay!ng Jobs In High Demand Right Now

These positions may pay well, but you'll need to be well trained for many of them.

If you're looking to make serious money with plenty of opportunity to find work, Glassdoor has something for you: its annual 25 best jobs. These are the cream of the crop, jobs that pay from just under $91,000 to a bit more than $212,000 a year and that are in high demand from employers, with anywhere from 1,264 job listings to more than 90,000.

Glassdoor chose job titles that had at least 75 salary reports from U.S. employees over the last year and that were in the top half of job openings per title over the last three months. Top of the food chain, by far, were physicians, with an annual base salary of $212,270 (with bonuses and other compensation, the salary numbers may not show full compensation) and 7984 job openings.

Next were pharmacy managers ($131,009, 1787 jobs), software architects ($130,891, 3229 jobs), software development managers ($123,747, 2249 jobs), and finance managers ($123,534, 9224 jobs).

The jobs roughly fall into three categories. The biggest is high tech, which represented a baker's dozen of the jobs. Four jobs were in the healthcare industry, which shouldn't be a surprise, given the size of the industry and recent political emphasis on healthcare delivery. Seven of the remaining ones were in areas of business management, leaving lawyers in a category of their own.

Many of these positions require significant amounts of training and experience, although that can sometimes come in various forms. Software engineers had the largest number of opportunities, with 99,055 positions. Many people go into the field with a traditional degree in computer science, electrical engineering, or other discipline. But some with two-year degrees will find a home, as will many who go through a programming boot camp to quickly and intensely learn the necessary skills.

Also, keep in mind that between the salaries being average numbers and self-reported by people, they may or may not represent an accurate view of how much someone can reasonably expect to make doing one of these jobs.

1. Physician


Average base salary: $212,000
Number of job openings: 8,000*
> Find a job as a physician
*Job openings and salary data sourced from Glassdoor study.

2. Pharmacy Manager


Average base salary: $131,000
Number of job openings: 1,800
> Find a job as a pharmacy manager

3. Software Architect


Average base salary: $131,000
Number of job openings: 3,200
> Find a job as a software architect

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