Flexible degrees that could prep you to pursue high-paying jobs

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Flexible Degrees That Could Pay Off

Prep to pursue a high-paying job when it's convenient for you.

Who wouldn't like to have a job that pays well? The main drawback, though, is that careers with higher salary potential usually require some form of higher education.
The good news: "You do not need to quit your day job, leave work early, or forego tucking the kids in at night to earn your degree [online]. Even if you have a job that requires that you travel, you can earn your degree on the road," says Dani Babb, online education expert and author of The Adult Student: An Insider's Guide to Going Back to School.
Of course, Babb adds that while online education is flexible, that doesn't mean it's easy. "In fact, most of my students, who have been in both a traditional program and an online program, say that online [education] requires more discipline, more dedication, and is oftentimes more rigorous," she says.
To help you get a sense of your options, we took a look at some common online degrees and matched them up with careers that have some serious salary potential, per the U.S. Department of Labor.

Online Degree #1: Bachelor's in Business Administration

Find Degree Programs Want to enter the field of business? Don't let your lack of academic credentials stop you. Consider earning a bachelor's degree in business administration online.
What You Might Learn: In a business administration and management program, you could learn what it takes to plan, direct, and control an organization's activities, says the College Board, a non-profit organization committed to excellence and equity in education. You may also practice solving business problems and discuss case studies of real companies.
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High-Paying Career Paths* Median Salary** Top 10th Percentile** Bottom 10th Percentile**
Market Research Analyst
Monitors sales trends, collects data about consumers and competitors, and helps companies market their products and services.
$60,800 >$114,250 <$33,490
Human Resources Manager
Oversees employee relations, such as payroll and training, handling staffing issues, and supervising the recruiting and hiring of new staff.
$100,800 >$177,460 <$58,780

Online Degree #2: Bachelor's in Accounting

Find Degree Programs Is budgeting one of your favorite hobbies? Then an online bachelor's in accounting might be just the ticket to help you prepare to pursue potentially lucrative job opportunities in the field of accounting.
What You Might Learn: As an accounting major, you might learn to record and analyze information about an organization's financial performance, as well as how to prepare tax filings and use accounting information systems, says the College Board.
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High-Paying Career Paths* Median Salary** Top 10th Percentile** Bottom 10th Percentile**
Examines financial statements, computes taxes owed, and suggests ways to reduce costs and improve profits.
$65,080 >$113,740 <$40,370
Financial Analyst
Studies economic trends, evaluates current and historical data, and recommends investment opportunities to their clients.
$78,380 >$152,420 <$48,100

Online Degree #3: Bachelor's in Computer Science

Find Degree Programs Are you constantly on your computer? Want to learn more about what makes it work? Follow that curiosity and consider earning a bachelor's in computer science online.
What You Might Learn: In this program, you might learn how to design computer programs that allow computers and humans to speak to one another, as well as how the two interact from a scientific perspective, says the College Board. This program might also involve learning computer languages, trying to debug computer programming, and building teamwork skills.
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High-Paying Career Paths* Median Salary** Top 10th Percentile** Bottom 10th Percentile**
Applications Software Developer
Designs custom software for clients, creates complex databases for organizations, and develops programs that people use over the Internet.
$92,660 >$143,540 <$55,770
Computer Programmer
Writes software programs in a variety of computer languages, updates and debugs existing programs, and uses code libraries to simplify code writing.
$76,140 >$123,490 <$43,640

Online Degree #4: Bachelor's in Marketing

Find Degree Programs Have you always wondered why people buy the products that they do? If you haven't figured it out on your own, you may want to try to find out the answer firsthand by earning a bachelor's in marketing.
What You Might Learn: As a marketing student, you'll learn how to sell new products and build a large group of loyal customers, says the College Board. In other words, you'll discover how to determine that special something that people want. This program may also help you understand how products are priced and why past advertising campaigns have succeeded or failed, noted the College Board.
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High-Paying Career Paths* Median Salary** Top 10th Percentile** Bottom 10th Percentile**
Marketing Manager
Identifies potential markets for products, develops pricing strategies, and monitors trends to determine the need for a product or service.
$123,220 >$187,199 <$64,440
Postsecondary Education Administrator
Oversees student services at colleges and universities, meets with prospective students, reviews applications, and registers students for courses. Duties vary depending on the area of the school they manage.
$87,410 >$171,040 <$49,660

Online Degree #5: Master's in Psychology

Find Degree Programs Do you already have a bachelor's degree but feel stuck in a rut? If you have an interest in the way humans think, you might want to earn your master's degree in psychology online.
What You Might Learn: There are different types of master's degrees in psychology, such as clinical, experimental, industrial and organizational, and school psychology, according to the Princeton Review, an organization that offers test preparation programs for all the major admissions exams. And as you'd expect, the focus of each graduate degree is different.
For example, if you major in clinical psychology, you'd focus on diagnosing mental disorders and conducting research, while industrial organizational majors specialize in human behavior in the workplace.
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High-Paying Career Paths* Median Salary** Top 10th Percentile** Bottom 10th Percentile**
School Psychologist
Addresses student learning and behavioral problems, counsels students and families, and consults with other school-based professionals to suggest improvements to teaching and administrative strategies.
$67,760 >$112,380 <$39,020
Industrial-Organizational Psychologist
Uses psychological principles to improve the quality of work life, studies issues such as workplace productivity and employee morale, and works with management on policy planning and organizational development.
$83,580 >$168,020 <$48,780

Online Degree #6: Master's in Business Administration (MBA)

Find Degree Programs Are you interested in advancing your education and increasing your earning power? Have your work and family obligations made that difficult to accomplish? Then look into earning an MBA online, which could help you flexibly reach both of those goals.
What You Might Learn: In addition to providing you with a broad overview of business, an MBA could also teach you to make astute decisions and navigate risk, uncertainty, and change, explains the Princeton Review. You might focus on studying business subjects such as finance, accounting, and economics.
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High-Paying Career Paths* Median Salary** Top 10th Percentile** Bottom 10th Percentile**
Securities, Commodities, and Financial Services Sales Agent
Monitors the performance of securities, contacts prospective clients to present available services, and buys and sells stocks, bonds, and commodities.
$72,640 >$187,199 <$32,280
Financial Manager
Prepares financial statements, supervises employees who do financial budgeting, directs investment activities, and develops strategies to meet an organization's longer-term financial goals.
$112,700 >$187,199+

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